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CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager V3.1.050728

Started by Mike Bobbitt, July 20, 2006, 01:11:50 PM

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Mike Bobbitt

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Product Update

Version 3.1.050728 of CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager has been released.

Release Notes

CGPM 3.1.050728
o Bug fixes
   - RegOverridePredefKey requires Windows 2000 or
     later.  Fixed web agent platform dependent issue.

CGPM 3.1.050722
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed CGAgent status server problem with CyberArmor
    - Allow registering web agent ActiveX control without
      administrative privileges and the files of web
      agent are written to the user's %TMP% directory
    - Show cgagent and cgav icons in Explorer, Start
      Programs, Add/Remove Programs Control Panel

CGPM 3.1.050603
  o Added domain suffix audit condition
  o Check free disk space when cgpm starts and before
    it exports policies to server.  The minimum free
    space required can be configured in CGPM registry
    'MinFreeSpace' (in mb) and default is 50 mb.
  o For Juniper Agent settings, by default, use https
    instead of http for CGS URL.
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed LoadPolicy routine to support MBCS characters
      in remediation messages.
    - Allow agent configuration settings specified
      from command line options without ini file

CGPM 3.1.050414
  o Added NAC agent with Cisco NAC compliant posture
  o Added Mac OS X agent (Darwin 7 and above)
  o Added BigFix2 agent
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed buffer overflow problem with long desire
    - Fixed byte order problem when build unix agents. 
      Should store the length of agent ini file in the
      network order
    - Set CGAgent shutdown parameters to let Windows
      shut down CGAgent before other applications.
      Otherwise it may cause bad audit data sent to
      CGS and skew reports
    - Fixed CGAgent bug to support lower case
      hkey_local_machine in registry test
    - Fixed web agent 'cannot be signed' problem
    - EMA should create folder for extract if it
      doesn't exist 
    - Fixed EMA 'On No Audit' bug
    - Added 'Darwin' to Operating System String and
      allow users to select it for Mac OS X tests
    - Fixed NHCIF version API with correct argument
    - Fixed GetContextID library which crashed on
      Windows NT

CGPM 3.0.041229
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed regutil memory leak problem with W2K SP2
    - Fixed EMA bug to embed local files
    - Fixed linux agent to clean up tcp connections when
      it gets killed.  Release/Renew IP will be done on
      individual interface
    - Fixed Server Connection Settings bug for Windows
      Juniper Agent

CGPM 3.0.041206
  o Desire rules support remediation actions
  o Web agent supports popup messages
  o Web agents support LAN based enforcement modules
  o Added support for Extension Module Architecture
  o Added support for Juniper SSL VPN
  o Allow copy & paste CGPM test conditions
  o New build environment
  o Added more icons to desktop agent to indicate status
  o Linux agents support LAN based enforcement modules
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed GetNetmaskByIp, GetMacByIp problem
    - Fixed test file name generation mechanism to create
      a unique name and avoid test files with same prefix
      from being overwritten 
    - When 'Not Auditing', popup message should stay open
    - Fixed Pre-Comparison Data Filter which affected
      test for McAfee VirusScan 8.0
    - Fixed exportmgr to remember the position of
      previous export set and set focus to it

Obtaining the Update

To obtain this software update, please contact InfoExpress support at 613 727 2090, or send an e-mail to support@infoexpress.com.

Use of this document and web site are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use for InfoExpress's web site.