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CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager V4.0.060525

Started by Mike Bobbitt, December 04, 2006, 11:14:05 AM

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Mike Bobbitt

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Product Update

Version 4.0.060525 of CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager has been released.

Release Notes

CGPM 4.0.060525
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed viewer bugs for redisplaying messages
    - Fixed remediation bug. Check path for remediation
      downloads that may already be running
    - Fixed dialup connection not working in CGA
    - Aligned edit window for CGAV status and made
      it dynamically add scroll bar
    - Updated Symantec SAV tests
    - Updated trusted remediation documentation
    - Juniper Agent allows URLs for CGS address not
      just host names or IP

CGPM 4.0.060217
  o Additional information is included in policy files
    for reporting purpose.  Enhanced CGPM to support
    either 3.0 or 4.0 policy file format
  o Added 802.1x helper to send re-authentication
    request without re-authentication timers
  o Added Login Coordinator to holdoff logon process
    till cgagent passed audit or holdoff timeout
  o Added CAF (Client Access Filter) Agent Plugin to
    control access from the endpoint using software
  o Added smart re-audit timeout.  On failed audits,
    the cgagent won't re-audit till the data changes,
    the IP address(s) change on the endpoint, the
    'Force Audit Now' button is clicked or timeout
  o Added EMA OnExtract option to execute EMA
    command only when embedded files get extracted
  o Replace winsfx with NSIS installer to support
    flexible CGAgent builds.
  o Added remediation progress indicator
  o Added certificate check for downloads over wininet.
    If parameter 'trustedremediation" is set in
    cgagent.ini, the server certificate should be
    validated during the download
  o Support NAC v2 without re-authentication timers
  o Enhanced remediation handling to cache remediation
    messages in CGA if viewer doesn't register with CGA.
    Send cached message to new viewer connections
    immediately after they register with CGA
  o To work properly with NAC, PACL, and 3rd party
    supplicant, CGAgent pings transfer IP and skips
    release/renew if pinging transfer IP is successful
  o Pass current adapter information to CGS for auditing
  o Allow to connect to multiple IP addresses by name
    or IP
  o Allow UNC remediation to support UNC format
  o Added CGPM NSIS installer cgpminst.exe
  o Changed agent and viewer socket connections so the
    agent accepts unlimited viewer connections and
    handles the case of multiple logged in users
  o Changed the web agent so that it uses CGAV and is
    much updated and enhanced interface and
    functionality wise
  o Added additional tests
  o Added Firefox Web Agent
  o Added CGAgent installer for MAC OS X
  o Bug fixes
    - Fixed remediation http request using https problem
    - Fixed get IP address problem when race condition
    - Changed Not Auditing tray icon
    - Fixed Mac OS X agent to work with Mac OS X
      version 4
    - Fixed suspend cases for CGAgent and CGAV
      dropping data

Obtaining the Update

To obtain this software update, please contact InfoExpress support at 613 727 2090, option 5, or send an e-mail to support@infoexpress.com.

Use of this document and web site are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use for InfoExpress's web site.