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CyberGatekeeper DNAC V5.0.061117

Started by Mike Bobbitt, December 04, 2006, 11:57:30 AM

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Mike Bobbitt

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Product Update

Version 5.0.061117 of the CyberGatekeeper Dynamic NAC (DNAC) suite has been released.

DNAC Features

Quarantining unauthorized endpoints - CyberGatekeeper detects and quarantines unauthorized endpoints from the network. It catches misconfigured endpoints, unauthorized network devices, and rogue systems.

Securing guest access – CyberGatekeeper lets organizations provide guests with limited or full access to the network. Administrators can provide guests with the level of access appropriate to the situation.

Ensuring compliance – Many organizations have tools to update their systems, but typically a few percent are missed for various reasons. CyberGatekeeper can ensure that 100% of the endpoints on the networks being managed are either compliant or quarantined until they remediate.

Raising visibility – CyberGatekeeper provides complete visibility to networks it manages, including compliant, non-compliant, and unauthorized endpoints. The information is logged to a centralized management system to provide high level and detailed views of the network.

System Requirements

Requirements for CyberGatekeeper 5:
· Windows Server 2003 with NTFS and IIS 6 installed on the machine used for CyberGatekeeper Server for Windows
· Windows XP SP2 or 2003 SP1 for the DNAC enforcement endpoints.
· No hubs in use on the networks where enforcement will take place
· No network address translation or port address translation between agents and CyberGatekeeper Server
· Only the default instance of SQL Server is supported (no named instances)
· Clients can only be configured with 1 default gateway
· Router ARP cache timeouts of 120 seconds

Obtaining the Update

To obtain this software update, please contact InfoExpress support at 613 727 2090, or send an e-mail to support@infoexpress.com.

Use of this document and web site are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use for InfoExpress's web site.