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CyberGatekeeper V6

Started by Mike Bobbitt, June 07, 2008, 06:13:03 AM

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Mike Bobbitt

June 07, 2008, 06:13:03 AM Last Edit: March 23, 2009, 12:35:13 PM by Mike Bobbitt
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Product Update

InfoExpress is pleased to announce the release of CyberGatekeeper V6.0.080303. Specific release notes for each component are outlined below. InfoExpress recommends that customers consider upgrading to V6 when practical to enjoy the added features and improved performance of this release.

CyberGatekeeper Remote Release Notes

  • Added support for central policy management.
  • Added additional change log support for recording policy uploads.
  • Improved reporting capabilities:
  • Additional test data is reported for endpoints.
  • Increased the default log queue size and memory settings
  • Improved performance for large numbers of endpoints and large policies when logging into to the report server
  • Added support for real time reporting and log synchronization.
  • Added an option to manually configure the speed and auto-negotiation of NICs through the console.
  • Added a statistics display to the console.
  • Added grace period support so that failing agents can pass audit on probation for a certain period of time.
  • Improved the overview web page to include system running times and last replication times.
  • Added on option to make TLS mandatory for FTP connections.
  • Added a syslog to indicate if CGS drops a log (destined for the reporting server) because the log queue is full.
  • Added the ability to set a maximum amount of memory for the log queue.
  • Increased maximum log queue size to 32768.
  • CGS now reports the managed IP address (instead of the virtual one) as the CGS IP and as the NAS IP in all logs.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Policy Last Updated time was wrong when using central policy management.
  • Fixed a bug where Windows agents could take a long time to pass audit (or timeout after auditing) when Linux/Mac tests were used in a policy.
  • Fixed a bug where CGS would deny incoming audit requests after thousands of endpoints had connected to CGS.
  • Fixed a bug where users could not enter a domain\username combination for log upload or central policy download.
  • Fixed a bug where the audit module could crash if log size reached 2GB.
  • Fixed a bug where reported registry values containing new line characters would result in incomplete logs.
  • Fixed a bug where FAIL_EXIT logs were not include in EXIT event counts.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused domain information to be left out of logs for authenticated users.
  • Fixed a bug where the policy server would send trunctated logs if 2 GB of logs were generated on a single server
  • Fixed a bug where some large policies would prevent agents from completing an audit
  • Fixed logging to completely decouple audit and access logs (no more deny logs on audit session end)
  • Fixed a bug where older agent versions would cause Policy Server to log invalid data
  • Fixed a bug where CGS could include garbage data in log entries when the agent reported a large amount of data
  • Fixed a bug where logs were occasionally delayed unnecessarily
  • Other bug fixes
  • Fixed logging bugs including:

    • Fixed a bug where desire failures were displayed as deny entries on the system status log.
    • Fixed a bug in the System Status Report to recognize CGA_EXIT and CGA_FAIL_EXIT.
    • Fixed a bug where the System Log Report did not show EXIT events properly.
    • Fixed a bug where access logs generated invalid logs for FRAMD.
    • Fixed a bug where the Policy Server would not send a new fail log if a system left the network for a long period of time, then returned.
    • Fixed a bug where the Policy Server would not send a fail log if a system failed a condition in the same position as the previous failure, but in a different policy.  This only happened when global policies were used.
    • Fixed a bug where config change logs were not recording the correct action for FTP TLS Mandatory option.
    • Fixed a bug where config change logs were not recording the correct action for "keepalive interval" changes.
    • Fixed a bug where the audit module could generate incorrect logs shortly after a policy upload.
    • Fixed a bug where logs would not be sent to the reporting server if there were more than 256 compound tests in the policy.
    • Fixed a bug where FAIL_EXIT logs contained the wrong MAC address.

  • Debug logs must be disabled to ensure stable operation
CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager Release Notes

  • Added Dynamic NAC support to the Linux agent
  • Added Dynamic NAC support to the MacOSX agent
  • Policies and tests are loaded separately and no longer included with the binary installer
  • Added the ability to check Windows Security Center through a default plugin.
  • Added desktop agent support on Vista.
  • Added system error detection to the DNAC enforcers.  If an enforcer detects any problems (conflicting drivers or other issues) that would interfere with it, it shuts down and another enforcer is elected to replace it.
  • Added an agent build option to prompt prior to installing the IM.
  • Improved the enforcer discovery process to constantly scan the subnet for new endpoints.
  • Updated the included Symantec AV tests.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that required a page reload to start the web agent on FireFox.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mac agent did not report running processes.
  • Fixed a bug where the Windows agent could time out if there were UNIX file tests in the policy.
  • Fixed a bug where DNAC endpoints would not detect a router using VRRP.
  • Fixed two bugs where the agent would occasionally crash with certain policy sets.
  • Fixed two bugs where DNAC would incorrectly quarantine endpoints if the policy server or enforcer shut down unexpectedly.
  • Fixed a bug where DNAC would become disabled if the NIC was temporarily disconnected.
  • Reduced the amount of traffic DNAC  enforcers send.
  • Fixed a bug where existing DNAC enforcers would not send logs to CGS if a different enforcer had been sending logs but left the network.
  • Fixed a bug where DNAC enforcers could send logs to the wrong CGS if the primary CGS was removed.
  • Other bug fixes.
Vista Limitations

  • Agent does not support hibernate/suspend when running on VMWare.
  • Only the 802.1x helper plugin is supported. Other plugins will not install.
  • Vista systems cannot become DNAC enforcers.
  • The Web Agent is not supported on Vista.

  • On upgrading an older version of CGPM, the new DNAC and IM components will be enabled for existing agents.  If these are not desired, they must be manually disabled.
  • The Linux agent is currently unsupported, pending a patch.
Reporting Server Release Notes

  • Added Overview page to show release version
  • Added Diagnostics Utility page to show end system information in csv format
  • Improved Access Monitor and DNAC Network Report to reflect current network state
  • Altered DNAC management to allow for graceful, staged shutdown
  • Improved central policy management to keep all previously deployed policies
  • Improved searches to allow users to search by both a reported attribute and its matching data
  • Enhanced Statistics By Day and Application Monitor reports to take advantage of the log synchronization information
  • Made the DNAC scan parameters configurable
  • Performance improvements
Bug Fixes

  • Spelling correction and other miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where user names from Vista systems would not be displayed in reports
  • Fixed a bug that cause the real time reports to be inaccurate if the endpoint moved between redundant policy servers
Obtaining the Update

To obtain this software update, please contact InfoExpress support by sending an e-mail to support@infoexpress.com or calling 613 727 2090  and asking for CyberGatekeeper Support.

Use of this document and web site are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use for InfoExpress's web site.