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CyberGatekeeper V6.1 Release Announcement

Started by Mike Bobbitt, March 23, 2009, 01:45:47 PM

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Mike Bobbitt

March 23, 2009, 01:45:47 PM Last Edit: March 24, 2009, 06:48:26 AM by Mike Bobbitt
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Product Update

InfoExpress is pleased to announce the release of CyberGatekeeper V6.1. Specific release notes for each component are outlined below. InfoExpress recommends that customers consider upgrading to V6.1 when practical to enjoy the added features and improved performance of this release.

CyberGatekeeper Server Release Notes

  • Added support for Not Desire tests
  • Handles large numbers of simultaneous reaudits faster
  • Improved internal processes
  • Improved hard drive performance
  • Added option for server license
  • Improved Dynamic NAC enforcement
  • Added support for subnets behind NAT routers
  • Checks to ensure enforcers have filter drivers
  • Improved diagnostics to monitor traffic and processes
  • Added logging download options
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a security issue that could allow an agent that passes audit to bypass subsequent periodic keepalive checks
  • Fixed a bug where the server fails to send a SNMP trap on policy upload
  • Fixed bugs that caused incorrect Total Audited Systems and endpoints
  • Fixed a bug where agents could not connect to the server due to fragmented audit data
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect policy date to appear in the overview
  • Fixed bugs with resync access log frequency and format
  • Fixed bug with audit log formats
  • Fixed online help text for white list comments section
  • Fixed a bug that would cause removal of white list comments when switching to manual mode
CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager Release Notes

  • Enhanced the web agent to work on Firefox 3
  • Added an OS check to the default web agent launch page. The page now displays an error message for users on non-Windows operating systems
  • Added agent self-monitoring, to limit DNAC enforcers to the most reliable end systems
  • Added a feature to prevent systems from being quarantined by DNAC during an agent upgrade
  • Added a feature to allow users to right click on a policy rule to change the rule type
  • Simplified navigation - now users may double click on a test to open or edit it
  • Added a separate interface for configuring remediation messages and actions
  • Added support for the new NotDesire rule type. Note that NotDesire rules require Policy Server 6.1 or newer. Older policy servers will completely ignore these tests
Bug Fixes

  • Improved the agent so that it would receive a complete list of DNAC friends within seconds of passing the audit (rather than minutes)
  • Fixed a bug where the agent could inadvertantly try to connect to a network share when performing a file test that used a non-existant registry value as the base directory
  • Fixed a bug where CGA for Linux crashes when working with some policies
  • Fixed a bug where CGPM crashes after changing rule type
  • Fixed a bug where the WSC plug-in could cause the RPC service to leak memory
  • Fixed several bugs that limited web agent use on Windows Vista
  • Fixed a bug where the force audit option did not work on Windows Vista
  • Fixed a bug where the agent appears to install correctly when run by a limited user. The installer now displays a proper failure message
  • Fixed several bugs where a DNAC enforcer could interfere with unenforced systems
  • Fixed a bug where the BigFix plug-in could trigger unnecessary audit updates or failures
  • Fixed a bug where the enforce white list option could cause all systems with the IM driver to hang
  • Fixed two bugs where enforcers would not respond correctly to queries for non-existent systems
  • Fixed a bug where endpoints could be quarantined when a new policy was uploaded
  • Fixed a problem where the agent install could abort on an unactivated Windows Vista system
  • Fixed a bug where the agent could stop auditing after an aborted shut down attempt
  • Fixed a bug where a DNAC enforcer could behave unpredictably if the subnet mask (and only the subnet mask) was changed

  • Vista: Agent does not support hibernate/suspend when running on VMWare
  • Vista: Only the 802.1x helper plugin is supported - other plugins will not install
  • Vista systems cannot become DNAC enforcers
  • Systems with multiple IP addresses cannot be enforcers

  • On upgrading an older version of CGPM, the new DNAC and IM components will be enabled for existing agents. If these are not desired, they must be manually disabled.
Reporting and Management Server Release Notes

  • Optimized and improved log insertion and report performance. Database schema is enhanced to improve performance.
  • Added DNAC support for devices/subnet behind the NAT
  • Added whitelist comments in DNAC configuration screens
  • Enhanced Report Filter to allow users to retrieve reports given Search Attribute, Value, Data
  • Enhanced Statistics by Day and Application Monitor reports with log synchronization
  • Enhanced Centralized Dynamic NAC to include basic settings controlling the DNAC health check. This is only available in internal reserved mode (expert level)
  • Added a mechanism to control what data is reported as the user name for each end system. This feature would set a special registry value as the primary source for the reported user name for an end system
  • Removed the 'Export' button from the End System report
  • Removed Monitored End Systems report
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Event Details report omits long data strings
  • Fixed a bug that default web page link is blocked by IE on Windows 2003. Changed the URL link to use 'localhost' instead of ''
  • Fixed a bug where event details report omits long data strings

  • SQL 2005 server requirement: if Microsoft SQL 2005 server is used, it requires Version 9.00.3042.00 or above in order to show Statistics by Day report properly

Obtaining the Update

Customers with current Support and Maintenance contracts can contact InfoExpress support by sending an e-mail to support@infoexpress.com or calling 613 727 2090 and asking for CyberGatekeeper Support.

Use of this document and web site are governed by the Terms and Conditions of Use for InfoExpress's web site.