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InfoExpress Products Not Vulnerable to Heartbleed

Started by Mike Bobbitt, April 14, 2014, 03:22:12 PM

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Mike Bobbitt


Last week, a major security flaw was uncovered in the OpenSSL encryption and secure communications library. OpenSSL is a widely used component of many websites and servers, including the popular Apache and NginX web servers.

The vulnerability comes from a simple software bug that allows attackers to fetch private information from the server memory, possibly including private keys, account information and passwords. This attack, known as Heartbleed, can be used to obtain private information without leaving a trace on the target server.

InfoExpress and Heartbleed

We are pleased to announce that no InfoExpress products are affected by Heartbleed. That includes all current and previous versions of all InfoExpress products.

Customers with questions can contact InfoExpress Support through their normal support channels.